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Gabriel Flirts With Random Woman! - by kuroiyousei

I have to say, I'm more pleased with this one than I have been with an art exchange piece in forever. Maybe it's the new site -- it's inspiring!! P.S. I tried to make him wearing a t-shirt as in the description, but I failed... my model was wearing this button-up thing, and copying that was all I could manage XD


Comment by Anke left on 2010-12-25 19:58:49
Thank you! Don't worry about the shirt, I'm sure he dresses a bit less casually on occasion.

I rather like half-finished styles like that. :)
Comment by kuroiyousei left on 2010-12-25 23:03:05
Thanks! I'd originally been planning to shade his shirt too, but then I got this far and it looked soOoOo cool...

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