Character Art Exchange

Planned improvements

Not all of those are important, I think. If someone jumps out at you that you'd really like to see, please comment!

Currently only posts can be edited. Threads should have that option, too, to be able to fix the title or move it to a different section.

The forum should offer the option to be displayed either in tree view, or in a flat, "oldest message last" view.


Option to get notifications when a new post is made to a thread, though I'd like to offer better tracking/notification system for the site in general.

Add pagination. A single round doesn't need it, but with pagination, just having a plain "all images" gallery would be feasible.

Add tags so one can browse the gallery just by theme.

Add "next" and "previous" links to image views, preferrably ones that depend on the gallery you are currently viewing. (This might get complicated.)

Tidy up the main Gallery page?

Get a "submit a second image to a round" page working again (there was one, but there were some problems with it).

Let people attach more links to their profiles (that is, not only "my website", but also "my LJ account", "my flickr account", "my other website", etc.)
Let people look those up easily (e.g. "show all members who entered a deviantart account").

Allow browsing characters more comfortably? Add tags to characters?

I'll add to this as I think of things. Please feel free to make suggestions.
I was wondering if there would be a way to delete forum post or comments we made. I actually made two comments that were exactly the same and even though I deleted the words in one of the comments the comment post still wouldn't go away.

I finally managed to get my sister (Hathor) to sign up... she says she may participate in rounds in a month or two... but for now, I hope you, Anke, can make it so the rounds she was in at MRCAeX show up so we can upload pictures we've done for her in the past? :)
Yay! I'd noticed her before I noticed this message... Blanks for all rounds that did not involve someone who has not signed up here are present. I hope she has drawn something for you in the last round she'd signed up at the old site, and just needs to upload it. ;)
She has a bad habit of starting absolutely wonderful pictures and then not finishing them. Kinda like me with stories, really. I'm not sure which of the twelve hundred pictures she's drawing for me is intended for the round she owes me in, but we'll see XD
The stuff I post here may or may not be super significant, but anything I find I'll add.

For example, there's still character escaping in the image comments, looks like.
That's not a missing feature, but a bug. XD

As far as I could tell it only happened on the "Your Account" page, not below the images, and it's fixed now. Thanks. :)

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