Character Art Exchange

Known Bugs

- When you enter a new character profile, and chose a list to attach it to, it doesn't save that information.

- A regular image gets the "part of gallery: Adoptions" link if it's late and someone submitted another image as adoption.
Both of those were fixed today.
There is no option to attach a character name to an image I'm submitting for someone else while I'm submitting it, I have to go back and edit the image to add a character.
It's more of a missing feature than a real bug, but, yet, it's on my mental "to-do" list. Thank you. :)
The menu dropdowns only work in compatibility mode in IE8; I'd suggest making sure all links in dropdowns are also accessible through the page the header directs to.
Thank you. I fixed it for the Community section; will check for the other parts of the site soon.
Found a small bug: when editing an image which has an apostrophe in the title (to eg add a character reference), the resaved entry will cut off at the apostrophe. (The image I just submitted was called just "It" for a couple of moments until I noticed.)
I'd fixed that one a while ago, but forgot to mention I had. Anyway, it works as it should now.
Possibly related; I don't remember this being the case before, but now at least the site doesn't seem to like apostrophes (writing out the entire HTML entity instead of converting it). It can totally be read past, but it's mildly annoying.

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