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Is anybody else into ebooks?

I noticed that I bought fewer and fewer books each year, because finding a spot on my bookshelves for them got more and more difficult, so a few months ago I splurged and bought an ereader (Sony 650).

There are some frustrating bits when I run into geographic restrictions - books whose digital edition is only sold in the USA, or which is only sold in online stores that only sell to you if you are in the USA - but for the most part I'm loving it.

No shipping time! And I can pick up classics for free. I also took a liking to reading self-published ebooks, partly because they're often lower priced. That also led me to finding out that I like short stories and novellas, which really aren't that feasible to sell in print.

So, yeah, is anybody else here on that particular bandwagon, too?
I'm thinking about it, now that I'll be moving sometime in the next year and realizing how many boxes of books I will have to cart across the country.
Actually that's exactly what happened to me. After packing for a move I realized that I have 12 huge boxes of book so I decided it was time to get an e-reader(a Kindle)and I love it. I like it because I'm reading a lot more then I usually do but my inclination to buy paperbacks hasn't waned. Now I'll just be more inclined to buy books I've already read that I know I love.
The space books take up and the weight they represent is definitely a consideration. I'm an audio book addict myself, but it works out to the same thing -- MP3's are much easier to store than paperbacks.
After my bf got a Kindle for his birthday, I tried getting into ebooks. Financially speaking (and space wise) they are cheaper and easier to store, but there's nothing like having the book in your hands and turning the pages. I like the idea of it, and it's great for self-publishing, just... I prefer traditional books.

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