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Manufacturers of UV aging test chambers discuss "natural aging"

Manufacturers of UV aging test chambers discuss "natural aging"

  The body of the ultraviolet aging test box is formed by CNC machine tools, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The cover is a two-way flip type, which is easy to operate. The inner bladder of the box is made of imported stainless steel plate, and the outer bladder of the box is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which increases the appearance and cleanliness. The heating method is tank heating in the inner tank, which has a fast temperature rise and a uniform temperature distribution. The drainage system uses vortex type and U-shaped sedimentation device to drain water, which is convenient for users to clean.
   The control system of the ultraviolet aging test box uses a black aluminum plate to connect to a temperature sensor, and a blackboard temperature instrument to control the heating, which makes the temperature more stable. The radiometer probe adopts a fixed type, and there is no need to install and unload each time. The radiation amount adopts a high-precision display and measurement ultraviolet ray meter. Illumination and condensation can be controlled independently and can be controlled alternately. The independent control time of illumination and condensation and the alternate cycle control time can be set arbitrarily within the specified time.
  Ultraviolet aging test box is suitable for the aging test of non-metallic materials' resistance to sunlight and artificial light sources. The purpose of exposing the material to artificial climate or artificial radiation is to simulate the aging process of the experiment under the cover of glass under the influence of natural climate in the laboratory.
The relationship between    and the aging process that occurs under natural weather aging cannot be expected because of the various factors that affect the aging process. Only when the important parameters that cause aging are the same or the influence of these parameters in the coating is known, can a certain relationship between them be expected.
  The ultraviolet aging test box must strictly abide by the prescribed test conditions. The reproducibility of the results can be improved. Moreover, the compatibility between natural weathering and artificial weathering can also be improved. The artificial weathering or artificial radiation exposure of the coating is carried out with a xenon arc lamp passing through the filter light, and the purpose is to after a certain exposure to radiant energy. The radiation exposure required to produce a certain degree of change in the selected properties or obtain a certain degree of aging. Select the important performance of the coating in practical application. The performance of the exposed coating can be compared with its unexposed coating (comparative sample). Or compare with the performance of other known exposed coatings (reference samples) that are tested in the exposure equipment at the same time.
   in the natural weathering process. Solar radiation is the main cause of coating aging. The principle of (solar) radiation exposed to the glass plate is the same. Therefore, it is particularly important to simulate this parameter for artificial weathering and artificial radiation exposure. The xenon arc radiation source is equipped with different filter systems to change the spectral division of the generated radiation, which can respectively simulate the solar radiation and the spectral division of the ultraviolet and visible range of solar radiation filtered by 3mm thick window glass.
   Two kinds of spectral energy distribution describe the irradiance value and allowable deviation of the filtered light radiation in the ultraviolet range below the wavelength of 400mm. In this range, xenon arc radiation can better simulate solar radiation.
  During the test in the exposure equipment, the irradiance may change due to the aging of the xenon arc lamp and the filter system. This change especially occurs in the wide range of ultraviolet light that affects the photochemistry of polymer materials. Therefore, it is not only necessary to record the time of exposure. Moreover, it is necessary to measure the exposure radiation energy in the wavelength range below 400mm or at a specified wavelength, such as 340mm, and use these values ​​as reference values ​​for coating aging.

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