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Traditional phone systems defined

Traditional phone systems defined

As a small to mid-sized business, you are likely approached by numerous phone providers about a variety of phone technologies. How do you cut through the clutter to select the service provider that is right for you?

A traditional phone system is also referred to as a legacy system. It runs on a physical box (“brain”) located at the company’s office, and is connected by wires to each individual phone. These premise-based devices are dependent on the number of users and the number of outside lines required to make outbound calls.

They also require multiple cards depending on the number of users and telephone lines used. Companies with multiple locations also need multiple “brain boxes”. If the company grows after the initial purchase, a Technician has to manually upgrade the hardware to add new users.

PBX is short for "private branch exchange." Businesses typically use this type of private telephone network. Once installed, employees share a certain number of lines to make outside calls. To install a PBX system, you must have the PBX console, along with a telephone cord and plug. Once you install the system, you should test it to ensure it works.

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