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English essay topics and types with examples

Types of essays in English are, in fact, their styles. Usually the exam ticket contains a detailed description of the task: the topic and style of the essay. There are three possible domyhomework123 review, and let's look at each of them in detail.

Opinion essays, or opinion essays.
The main feature of this text is a first-person narrative, in the course of which you must argue for your particular point of view on the subject of the topic. The main task is to demonstrate your own thoughts and the ability to justify them.

Introduction: In your own words, state the theme (issue) of your essay.
Opening Part: Clearly state your view of the problem and/or offer a solution. In the following sentences in the main body, expand your thought and justify your position.
Closing paragraph: Conclude by stating your opinion of the topic again, but with slightly different wording (show familiarity with synonyms).

For and against essays, or pro and con essays.
Is do my homework 123 legit? This is the same type of essay that in Russian we are used to calling "essay-argumentation". Its main feature is the presence of arguments that reveal the topic from different (preferably opposing) points of view. The plan is as follows:

Introduction: in your own words, state the topic (problems) of the essay.
Main part: formulate at least two opposing views of the problem. Do not express your own opinion, speak neutrally, put verbs in the second person form.
Conclusion: you may conclude the essay with your own conclusion or briefly affirm that the problem raised has no unequivocal solution, and each approach has the right to exist How to write an essay in English
Suggesting solutions to problem essays, or problem solving.
The simplest and at the same time the most difficult type of English essay. Its task is to test your vocabulary. The topic of such an essay becomes some global, well-known problem. You need to tell how you can solve it and/or how to put up with it. In plan, it looks something like this:

Introduction: in your own words, recount the topic (problem) of the essay.
Main part: outline the information you have on the issue. Explain why this or that is the preferred solution to the problem. Show that you can understand and explain cause and effect in English.
Conclusion: summarize by once again arguing your chosen point of view.How to write an essay in English
Even if there is no direct indication of the text style in the exam assignment, you will immediately understand how to write an essay, depending on the topic. For example, to a topic about sports, an essay might contain arguments for (health) and against (injuries). A topic related to ecology will be maximized in the problem-solving essay.

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