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Get Rid of Stretch Marks - Does Vitamin E Work?

If you are attempting to Cyabags heal a stretch mark, you should know that although it might seem or sound like a wound, this is actually the natural way for your body to compensate. The exposed second layer of skin will, over time, retract these tiny blood vessels, and the color will fade. The amount of time necessary for a stretch mark to heal on its own is influenced by diet, genetics, and exercise.

If your not willing to wait the five to ten years of a healthy lifestyle and let this skin convert itself, then your going to need to undergo conventional medical treatments, such as Laser therapy or Tretinoin topical cream. These options deal with the early stages when the exposed layer is still purple or pink.

If these conventional medical treatments are out of your price range, and they are for more than half of the American population in our current state of economy, your going to start looking around in your local drugstore for anything that says it will help. The items that say they will help reduce the coloring do not mention that color reduction will happen on its own, and usually within a few to six months of forming.
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