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Many people often complain 7 Day Prayer Miracle that they just do not know how to establish rapport, that they never know quite what to say when "breaking the ice" with others. To answer this, I tell them to view rapport more in terms of relating to others rather than "just trying to think of what to say next." When thought of this way, relating/establishing rapport is many things.

It is the courtesy. It is thoughtfulness. It is subtle actions such as repeating your conversational counterpart's name correctly or perhaps waiting until asked before taking a seat. It is really about placing yourself in your conversational counterpart's shoes. It is about empathy and truly being concerned about others and about what they have to say.

So, even armed with this approach, still what are the best things to say to "break the ice?" The answer to this question is, "Well many things." First, look around. If you are in someone's office on a sales call and you are trying to establish rapport to make good conversation, you may notice a diploma on the wall, a picture on the desk of a familiar place or event, a sculpture, a model car, a picture of family, a banner or other object signifying a favorite sports team, any of these items present ripe opportunities to build rapport in order to develop good conversation.

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