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Choosing Our Path

Having faith in God makes all the difference in believing in those things that are within us. In the bible God chose the least of the sons Meridian Health Protocol of Jesse, David to become King, in spite of the fact that his brothers were well groomed for this position by statue. It is our faith that makes it possible to stand before others and show our gifts, without this we cannot overcome doubt.

One of the requirements for these gifts is nurturing them until they have the full potential to be used correctly. The problem we face here is impatience. We want everything done now and immediately. We cannot wait for the correct time when we would demonstrate our strength with conviction. Impatience makes us fall at the first hurdle and then it becomes almost impossible to give ourselves a second chance. In order to overcome this we must recognize that God's time is best. God has a reason why we are not putting that gift we have into use immediately. If we wait patiently then we shall see what he has in store for us.

Growing up in certain environments makes it sometimes difficult for others to see what we have. If we look at the life of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ on earth, we shall see that he was not immediately accepted by the people in the city that he grew up in. He was always labeled as Joseph and Mary's son. However when he traveled out of this city to neighboring towns he had followers in abundance. This is the same obstacle we face today. If we know we have a gift then we must seek the city and people that would accept this gift and not give up when we face this obstacle.

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