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Types of Ijazah? We offer following 3 types of online courses Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed Ijazah in the Quran/Hifz-ul Quran Ijazah in 10 Qiraat online course students Ijazah will study Tajweed book and memorize the rules of Tajweed with their practical application. How does Ijazah Online work?
learning tajweed

1- During online classes, the teacher will listen to your Quran recitation and correct your tajweed and accent mistakes.
Learning quran school

2- 2- In the Memorization of the Quran Ijazah, the student will recite part of listening to the Quran during each session.

3- The master will listen to you very carefully and correct all your mistakes to ensure that you read the Quran with Tajweed of memory without errors.

What we offer in alquranworld :

1- Ijazah in the ten juzz of the Holy Quran Help to memorize the Quran through the most effective classical methods taught by our well-qualified teachers.
4- Ijazah in the memorization of the Quran Helps memorize the Quran as a whole by the most effective classical methods
5- 3- Ijazah in the Quran, in the recitations Warsh and KALON
6- 4- Ijazah in the Quran Correction of pronunciation (Makharij) of the Arabic alphabet, learning the rules of tajweed and practicing recitation extensively. Levels are intended for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

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