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What is Spiritual, Really?

Paul had a heart of compassion Abundance Accelerator to help them through this difficult and unfruitful time. The church in Antioch acted proactively responding to the prophet's prediction that was yet to come. This is why prophecy is so important. God would rather have us take proactive measures, and lead to alleviate the burdens in the world. Prophecy opens the door for us to be proactive.

The word predicted in the previous Scripture is translated semaino (say-mah'-ee-no) derived from the word sema; basically meaning "a mark; to indicate or to signify." Agabus, the prophet, marked a word and spoke it with great confidence. Why did he speak with such confidence? He spoke because he deeply believed it had come from the author of truth-God Himself.

Marking is a term that indicates surety. In other words, we are sure, confident and know without a doubt that God has spoken. When we mark what God has said it leaves no doubt in the mind of the receiver of the prophetic word spoken by God. The prophet, Jeremiah, affirms the "marking" principle in the following passage.

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