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How To Lose Weight Without Doing All The Cooking

Our muscles areBioleptin Review what keeps us lean and fit, over the long haul. The reason many people feel they gain weight uncontrollably as they age is because of a nasty fact of life called sarcopenia: that is the fancy scientific term for use it or lose it.

If we don't nurture our muscle mass with proper nutrition and physical activity and exercise (please note I mention both physical activity and exercise - they are NOT the same), then we sacrifice our muscles and bones. Sarcopenia is NOT a doomed destiny - it is very possible to steer clear and keep our muscle tone and bone density- but fad gimmick diets, starvation, lose weight quick schemes all lead to the breakdown of muscle.

Muscle is an absolute necessity for fat burning, staying fit, disease prevention,our immune function... our muscle mass is absolutely our BFF in life. Losing muscle mass is the sure way to gain weight and create metabolic disasters... which lead to further weight gain.The other really important point to remember is the fat cell. Again believe it or not the fat cell just shrinking and not going away permanently was another Ace in the evolutionary winning hand of natural selection. Quick weight loss programs, due to metabolic and hormonal issues leave the fat cells looking to grow and multiply.

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