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High Efficient Stone Rock Crusher

HST series hydraulic cone crusher machine for sale from our company is a kind of high efficient stone rock crusher machine. It has strict requirements for products size and shape and it has high requirements for final end products rate. The high automatic level is the first choice for efficient stone production line.
This gambar rahang mesin crusher for sale adopts the special laminating working principle with special crushing capacity and the related rotary speed. It improves the crushing ratio and capacity and it will increase the cubic product percentage. With the hydraulic protection, hydraulic chamber cleaning, it has high automatic level. When the machine have abnormal phenomenon, or the iron is feed into the crushing chamber or there is a jam in the chamber, the machine will lift up the cover and discharging the materials automatically. It can eliminate the trouble of stopping the machine to discharge the material by workers. It is easier to have the maintenance work and the cost is lower than the other kinds of cone crusher.
The crushing wall and bowl liner is made by high abrasion materials. The special design of crushing chamber and particles-layer-pressure protection decrease the abrasion. It make the service lifetime 30-80% longer than traditional cone crusher machine. It is with the hydraulic device and lubricated by diluted oil. The labyrinth seal eliminate the defect of mixture between water and oil in the traditional cone crusher machine.

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