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Rune Defender Is Much Superior Compared To Obby Shield

For the battle, I hope you are likely making somewhere from the 250-350k gp/hr array at fleshies, which OSRS gold is not quite as terrible as the yews but nevertheless fairly mediocre. You could do better at a greater herb dropper like insanity druids, for example. (Herbs are really high at the moment.) Oh, and find a better weapon!

You should be using dragon longsword at the minimum. Abyssal whip once you get 70 attack. And if you're not picking up most of your gems, you probably don't need ring of riches (since its main function is to provide you more gems). Or if you like making tabs, change to house tabs (21k xp/hr, 318k gp/hr) however, the orbs are still far better since they provide nearly double the xp. Water orbs are acceptable as well if your magic is too low, though it's a more run to get to them.

It might be beneficial to buy the Guthans set, because of its healing effect. A Slayer Helm, or Dark Mask would also be good if you are training Slayer. Dragon full helm is poor, dragon square is poor, dragon plate and string are bad, rune defender is far superior compared to obby protect, proselyte is lacking, sw cape and ardougne cloak are overlooking, ring of Buy 2107 runescape gold wealth is so poor, bandos boots are bad. The rest is fine.

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