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Technical transformation of vacuum device of water ring vacuum pump

Technical transformation of vacuum device of water ring vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump is widely used in condenser vacuum system of power plant because of its simple system, high operation efficiency and strong pumping capacity. This paper describes the technical transformation of water ring vacuum pump for water type vacuum pumping device. The transformation results show that after the generator unit is connected to the grid, the monthly accumulated auxiliary power consumption has decreased significantly, and the on grid power has increased significantly. The transformation has achieved the expected effect.

Due to the problems of low efficiency, large water consumption, poor hot standby effect, low steam extraction efficiency under high vacuum, large space occupied and unsightly in actual operation of water jet ejector device, domestic large and medium-sized units all use water ring vacuum pump as condenser vacuum equipment, and this is also the technical transformation of water ring vacuum pump, in order to improve the circulation of our plant thermal efficiency

It shall be equipped with complete instrument measurement and control device, and the instrument interface shall ensure the accuracy of measured value and reading of medium. The pressure and differential pressure contact signals used for pump interlock and protection are sent out by absolute pressure transmitter to ensure the reliability of their action. The measuring range unit of the instrument shall be the national legal measurement unit. PT100 is used for thermal resistance, 4-20madc is required for analog signal, and passive dry contact is required for switching signal. Contact type is DPDT, and contact capacity is 220vac5a and 220vdc3a (none). The junction box is equipped with cabinet door and door lock. The sampling pipe and sampling valve of thermal control measuring point, including the secondary valve, are welded to avoid the impact of vacuum leakage on the vacuum of the unit.

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