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Going Green With Solar Power - Is it Right For You?

Most resets, including the AquaReset, will allow you to set a warm weather shut down temperature. This will tell the control not to fire the boiler if the outside temperature is at or above a preset temperature of your choice. The benefit to this function is that if the temperature is above 60F, for example, and you want to open your windows but forget to turn the thermostat down your boiler will not continue to run wastefully. As the night cools, and the outside temperature drops below the warm weather setting the control will come out of warm weather shut down and heat the house to the desired temperature. This is a great feature for landlords who pay for heat, as tenants do not necessarily think about the fuel bill.

Everyone knows we face an energy crisis. A report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows that more than 90 percent of 2008 energy production came from nonrenewable sources. Dependence on a declining supply of fossil fuels requires a switch to sustainable sources of energy. In an attempt to make a difference, many homeowners are switching to eco friendly alternative power sources. Is going green by using solar power right for you?

If you think the answer to that question is yes, there are more three questions you should consider before you make the commitment to going green. How much of your utility usage do you want to replace with sun generated electricity? Would you be satisfied with small steps such as outdoor solar lighting and perhaps a solar powered water heater? Or do you want to go all out and totally replace all of your electrical usage? Your choices here will determine how much you must spend to go green.

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