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We all have loved RuneScape over the years

Obviously, we wish nothing but the best for Jagex and the continued well-being of RuneScape, however, the Sal's community has asked itselfcan we encourage this latest transfer by Jagex to execute micro-transactions, a move they themselves only a few decades ago would have termed unethical? The answer is no. Even as pricey as it would be for you to purchase enough spins to progress a skill to level 99, it remains that the possibility exists for a Jagex-sponsored RWT extravaganza. It has since then grown into a community full of different individuals from various walks of life. We are pleased to hold a Platinum-level fansite rating, since it shows our commitment to this game, the high standards set by OSRS gold Jagex, along with the player-community. But because we've got such love for this game, we have to request that Jagex reconsider their choice, and recall the soul of the game is what brings people to it.

It is highly disappointing, upon login, to watch Jagex pushing the Squeal Wheel so sharply, in addition to so prominently displaying the option to pay real-world money to purchase more twists. That is such a far cry from the original stances supposedly held by this business that it's nauseating. Jagex's disregard for player safety by making it really easy to purchase spins with stored credit card info opens less-aware players up to hardship if their accounts password has been stolen. Furthermore, Jagex's and their obvious intent to benefit from the customers --especially younger players--in what's essentially a form of gambling is deeply troubling to customers who recall a much more"players-first" RuneScape that's gradually been eroded as time has progressed.

These remarks may well finish in Sal's losing its Platinum-level rating. But we are servants to cheap RuneScape gold our community, and we feel confident knowing that those perspectives are keeping with the true spirit of this sport, which maybe has been the driving force of the website for all its years. This is a decision of conscience. We can't in good faith encourage this movement by Jagex.
Essays being done by strangers is such a foreign concept for me. I have always been doing them myself with minimal help form either my parents or my English teachers. I usually do them at the very last moment since they are so boring to complete and I really donít care about my grades in English class. Not only is it boring but the teacher holding the class is just doing it for the sake of doing it and he just goes through the motions. I would rather waste my time playing toca life world new location or game link than suffer another hour in that class.

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