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I got 99 doing magical short/longbows and made a cool

And also to be honest unless you piss a great deal of RS gold money away on top level darts, fletching isn't actually very fast - only very afk. And everybody knows you don't make much cash without members, so that he would not have funded it surely. Sugar daddy, or purchasing a shitload of bonds using IRL money. I got 99 doing magical short/longbows and made a cool like 12m. And was getting like 225k xp/hr. Haven't really played since.

Fletching is one of the least expensive and simplest abilities to train. Even without darts 200k+ XP/H is really doable without much reduction. 99 fletch is like lvl 50 when converted to agility or rc. Second, 200 barrows is not that crazy a grind. . .Agreed I simply started barrows for the very first time ever just like two ish weeks ago. Done like 4-5 sessions and I am more than 100kc already. 99 fletch costs a lot of money and doing barrows requires underground move and mm to be anywhere close efficient.

Underground pass and MM, didn't Soulja Boy finish these quests 1 week to playing OSRS? 99 fletch can also be a good early money maker. Was hoping to find this, thanks buddy. Y’all must suck barrows if you think a new player can not hit 200 barrows chests in 2 months on a normal account. If he had any help from his friends that most likely got him to the game then this is easily believable rofl.

Yeah I did 200 at 20 days that is 10 a day, and I do like 10 an hour, so I dont think it is too bad even though I play a lot. Sick drop and keep it up. I am always glad to find new players enjoying the game! How do you really do 10 an hour what is the magical level at.OSRS Staff really should've executive decision in approving warding

The matter with this being that the folks creating these shitty mtx decisions go all the way to the top.Until charge card warriors vote down every decent update that Jagex pitches. Can you last year after pretty much every update the game received was more or less ported from rs3?The biggest travesty about Construction and PoH is no dev dares touch it... Mod Jack once commented on questions about a construction rework following the M&S rework had started. During the livestream he stated that a cheap RuneScape gold structure rework would take TWICE so long since the M&S rework.

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