Character Art Exchange

I really don't play animal crossing so that my comment might be just clueless

The checkerboard pattern is Animal Crossing Bells not a very good design, particularly if you're breeding to get a more intricate blossom like a green mommy. For instance, flowers can clone (produce and exact replica of these if they've no breeding spouse ) or strain (create offspring with a partner). If you're breeding a seed crimson and seed yellow to gey a hybrid yellow, you can blend up the clone of the seed yellow with the new, hybrid yellow.

Lmaooo I will be honest I tried performing a hybrid common room and dinning area and the beds did NOT look great. A good deal of trial and error was involved.

It's sadly not free, it took time to get all the items I wanted. Fortunately I've got some very generous friends haha but a few of the items (i.e paintings, statues) aren't so simple to get. I have not played with other AC games however if you are just interested in decorating then maybe delighted house designer would be better? There are more things in that game also I am pretty sure

Hmm the issue is more the art is not something you can normally purchase, you get it from a particular NPC and what he offers is arbitrary. So a lot of people"farm" him or trade for the art they need online. It's a bit hard to estimate the cost since you have not played haha but I really do have 500+ hours in the match lolll

I am not an incredible builder by any means but yeah.

I really don't play animal crossing so that my comment might be just clueless.

What's that supposed to be Luna? I understand Professor Sprout has a patched hat but've never heard the same of Luna. When it had been Luna, I would expect Spectraspecs or radish rings or bottle cap necklace - or all the buy Animal Crossing Items above.

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