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Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic drive pump

Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic drive pump

Magnetic drive pump is the use of magnet can attract ferromagnetic materials and magnetic or magnetic interaction between the magnetic properties; and non ferromagnetic materials do not affect or rarely affect the size of the magnetic force, so it can be contactless through the non-magnetic conductor (isolation sleeve) for power transmission, this transmission device is called magnetic coupling. The motor is connected with the external magnetic steel through the coupling, and the impeller is connected with the internal magnetic steel. A fully sealed isolation sleeve is set between the outer magnetic steel and the inner magnetic steel to completely separate the inner and outer magnetic steel, so that the inner magnetic steel is in the medium. The rotating shaft of the motor directly drives the impeller to rotate synchronously through the suction of the magnetic pole between the magnetic steel.

Its main advantages are: the transmission shaft does not need to penetrate into the pump shell, but uses the magnetic field to drive the internal rotor through the air gap and the thin-wall of the isolation sleeve to drive the inner rotor, so the leakage channel of the shaft seal is fundamentally eliminated, and the complete sealing is realized; the overload protection function is provided in the transmission of power; the technical requirements of other parts are not high except for the high requirements of magnetic material and magnetic circuit design; The maintenance and overhaul workload of magnetic drive pump is small.

Its main disadvantages: the efficiency of the magnetic drive pump is lower than that of the ordinary centrifugal pump; the material and manufacturing requirements of the isolation sleeve for preventing single-sided leakage are higher; due to the limitation of the material and magnetic transmission, the magnetic drive pump is generally only used to transport the medium below 100 ℃ and less than 1.6 MPa in China; Due to the poor wear resistance of the isolation sleeve material, the magnetic drive pump is generally used to transport the medium without solid particles; the high requirements for the alignment of the coupling, and the improper alignment will lead to the damage of the bearing at the inlet and the wear of the isolation sleeve to prevent single leakage.

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