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Principle of dry vacuum system in steel production

Principle of dry vacuum system in steel production

Steam jet pump was used as vacuum equipment in the production of high quality steel, which was also widely used in the world at that time. Its biggest disadvantage is high operating cost, large steam consumption and high energy cost. And every time before the formal use must try to pump a few heats to achieve the vacuum degree, just cleaned up the tank situation is more serious. In addition, due to the influence of superheated steam quality fluctuation, it is difficult to control the system working state and process stability.

Due to the disadvantages of steam jet pump vacuum system, such as high energy consumption and large maintenance, the vacuum system composed of dry mechanical pump has been widely concerned. Among them, yazhilaide electric and Mechanical Co., Ltd. reformed the original steam pump group, and the dry vacuum pump was used to save electricity by 95%, and the maintenance free was realized. The results show that the time for the mechanical pump to reach the deep vacuum is less than 5 min, and the mass fraction of the treated molten steel is less than 0.00025%. The process effect can fully meet the requirements of high quality steel production specification including high quality heavy rail steel.

Most mechanical vacuum pumps used in vacuum industry use oil, water or other polymers as the working medium of the pump, which plays a variety of functions such as cooling, sealing, lubricating and so on. With the development of science and technology and the expansion of vacuum application field, there are two urgent problems to be solved in the original mechanical vacuum pump and its pumping system: first, the backflow of the working medium of the pump pollutes the pumped container, which in many cases affects the quality and quantity of products and increases the maintenance cost of equipment. Secondly, due to the reaction material in some process, the medium in the vacuum pump is seriously deteriorated, so that the pump can not work normally.

For the ordinary oil-free vacuum system, although the oil sealed vacuum pump and the accessories such as cold trap or adsorption trap can be used to prevent backflow, it can not completely solve the problem and make the system complex. The ideal effect can be achieved by using a proper type of dry mechanical vacuum pump.

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