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As a whole I feel this is a good thing

As a whole I feel this is a good thing, for both the players and Jagex. We don't have to log in every Monday to understand that there is not something brand new and instead can focus on the final Monday of this month and from the time it comes around we'll know exactly what the update is. In all honesty I believe that they should ramp down their focus on graphical fidelity, OSRS more than anything should be a sign that people mostly care about the mechanics of RuneScape. Visuals that are barebones'd be taken by me in exchange for update program that is greatly expedited. I mean repurpose and reuse some of the models or cartoons out of RuneScape's past and jery rig some quality content.

That's simply wrong, even OSRS is presently looking to bring the remainder of their match up into the graphical fidelity of their latest content. Obviously, even their latest content still looks"old school" but that's the style they would like to stick to. I'm all for slowing it down to a monthly release, for RuneScape that's gotten as large as this, that is more than fair. Most other MMOs do not drop huge updates monthly, and they DEFINITELY don't fall weekly articles.

IMO if the remainder of the month are patches and we get Ninja fixes every fourteen days, I believe that is fine (depending on how they are defining an update). It quells some of the"when are we getting stuff" and suits both those that want fixes to RuneScape, as well as ones who only wish to devour fresh content. If this procedure works, and they're able to get out high quality, purposeful updates once a month, with patches/fixes littered throughout, I will be a happy camper.

That is the goal. I am able to speak to my own experience, moving half way around the world for this job just 6 weeks past, to state how hard it's to do this by home vs the studio.

Simply put, sticking into the present programs we had simply would not work for us as developers or you as gamers - the gaps on those larger parts of content would be much larger than anybody would like to see. Instead, the team accommodated our strategy and took the initiative. What this new approach does is minimize the opportunity of significant gaps between additive material, with a goal of delivering on a monthly cadence as soon as we can. The team really are throwing themselves at this challenge and working amazingly hard to make that happen. Honestly, I am pretty enthusiastic about the strategies as a player.

This came across as quite PR"The group are throwing themselves at this challenge". We know covid has affected things. But the excuse does not hold up for everything. In the period that Archaeology and PVM heartbeat were getting prepared for release, there must have been others working on something else since the beginning of the year that many would have anticipated to be getting ready for release a month or two later archaeology, but there has not. For me and working from house occurred I got next to nothing done for your first month as a result of technical issues.

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