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The debugging technique of sand making production line

SBM specializes in manufacturing sand making equipment, and it launches the high-efficiency sand making production line and stone production line, which integrate the advanced technology and can configure different lines according to the requirements of different users, thus improving the sand making efficiency, reducing the environment pollution and effectively meeting the needs and requirements of the market for sand.
The normal operation of sand making production line requires not only correct installation and operation, but regular examination and maintenance of the equipment.
  • 1. Before the trial operation of sand making production line, firstly, check the oil supply condition of dry oil pumps and pipeline; secondly, check whether the setting position of the wedge adjusting blocks is in line with the design requirement; furthermore, observe whether the jiggers touch or hit each other. After everything is all right, you can start the machine.
  • 2. Carefully confirm the rotation direction, the motor should run for 2 hours without load and check the bearing temperature.
  • 3. Make the flywheel avoid the dead point and overcome the inertia when it is started.
  • 4. Fasten the V-belt and adjust its tension degree and the degree of parallelism between the two wheels.
  • 5. Before starting the sand production line equipment, the dry pump must be started first, and all lubricating points should be refueled.

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