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High-quality ultrafine mill creates a "golden age" in the paint industry

Superfine powder coating is a high-quality and special surface coating material, which can not only play the decorative role of traditional coatings, but also newly endow various special functions, such as insulation, radiation resistance, heat resistance, resistance Oxidation, resistance to wind and sun, etc. It enables the coating industry to be more widely applied to the rapidly developing architectural decoration industry, and directly promotes the arrival of the "golden age" of the entire industry.
High-quality natural raw materials are the basis for the development of the coating industry. Bentonite is a hydrated clay mineral mainly based on montmorillonite. It is used in the production of paints and has the advantages of high strength, swelling, cohesiveness and adsorption. In addition, there are many coating production customers processing dolomite, calcite, feldspar and other raw materials. Their advantage in coating production is high whiteness. The selection of high-quality raw materials should be based on the requirements of downstream demanders.So, what kind of ultrafine mill equipment can better meet the new development requirements of the coating industry for ultrafine powder coatings?
1. The mesh requirements, which can also be said to be fineness requirements, refer to the particle size of the ultrafine mill materials. The larger the mesh number, the finer the particle size of the material. This requires users of paint production to communicate with downstream customers to determine the number of meshes that the ultrafine mill needs to process. As one of the domestic high-quality ultrafine mill equipment, Shibang ultrafine mill has an advantage in mesh. Not only the finished particle size can reach 325 mesh-3000 mesh, but the fineness can also be adjusted arbitrarily, which can be applied to various production needs.
2. Wear resistance requirements. If the wear resistance of the fine grinding equipment is not up to the standard, it is easy to wear, resulting in an increase in the mechanical iron content in the ultrafine powder, making the iron content in the finished product exceed customer needs. Therefore, you need to choose high-quality ultrafine mill equipment. The ultrafine mill wear parts produced by SBM are all made of high wear-resistant materials, and the content of mechanical iron will not exceed one thousandth.

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