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It's. That is no opinion

It's. That is no opinion. Christ are you blind to the country of runescape? Shit and level updates are what's killing runescape. We want NEW runescape players and also for runescape players to come back. That's ALL which should matter to anybody. Stop being so selfish. You want runescape to stick around? Mobile is what's going to do it. They have NOTHING else in the pipeline that would do this. 120s are for individuals already currently invested in runescape. This ability is for runescape gamers who are playing. Mid level content and the level has to be overhauled. It blows my mind that you are able to be THIS short sided.

New runescape players are never likely to play runescape and cellular is not likely to bring them in.Want proof? Check out OSRS. Their population is currently back to pre-mobile numbers and they had the benefit of a simpler game/interface, increased presence on video/social media, and being a popular game.RS3 is bloated, convoluted, and perplexing (in addition to having a dreadful interface). I agree that Jagex's content pipeline is fucked and not ideal for fresh runescape players. But a mobile variant of the existing game (which already doesn't attract new runescape players) is not going to change things.

Osrs isn't back to amounts that are old lmfao. What are you on about? That is factually untrue. Your perspective on this is so out of touch with anything in reality. You cant even follow your logic to its conclusions. They ARE reworking the new runescape participant experience. Theyve been doing. Its folks whining about needing fresh endgame content that is slowing down that. Instead of individuals want 120s. And not most people either the hardcore which need because catering to them to be written off creating and isn't functioning runescape annoying for everyone else. 120s right is just plain dumb.

If you are saying we cant get new runescape players, its just impossible, mobile wont change anything (although we have proof it does) then we should just throw up are hands and be done with it since runescape will fail with them. Period. Itll be the end in a small number of years if not less should this trend continue. That's a fact. We lost half the runescape player base in less than 2 years. It is in the state it been. Even though osrs, because of mobile, currently close to runescape numbers. When mobile came out they had more runescape players online for months on end runescape ever had always in its history.

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