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Causes of feeding difficulty of ultrafine mill

During the production of ultrafine grinding mill, its performance in all aspects will be affected by various factors, which will lead to the decline of the output of the equipment. One of the factors is the difficulty of material feeding, which makes it difficult for the ultra-fine grinding machine to receive continuous and uniform feeding, and its production process will be inevitably affected. In order to solve this problem, we must find out the reasons for the difficulty of feeding. The following is the problem of ultra-fine grinding The pulverizer Manufacturer & mdash; & mdash; Shibang machine will analyze for us what causes the feeding difficulty in the production of ultrafine pulverizer.
Like other types of grinding equipment, the ultra-fine grinding machine also has certain requirements for the feeding, and because the equipment is used to produce ultra-fine powder, the requirements for the feeding are more stringent, so when the feeding does not meet the requirements, it will cause the problem of difficult feeding. The feeding does not meet the requirements are mainly the following situations: the feeding speed is too fast, the material moisture content is too large As well as the blockage of discharge pipe, only these problems can be solved to solve the problem of difficult feeding.
In order to solve these problems, we should first operate according to the factory instructions, control the feeding speed, and feed according to the requirements of the equipment for material humidity. We should not put materials with too much water content into the equipment for ultrafine powder production. In addition, we should check the discharge pipe regularly. If any foreign matter is found to be blocked, we should clean it in time to ensure the smoothness of the discharge pipe, so as to ensure the ultrafine grinding machine Production goes well. The above summarizes several reasons that lead to the feeding difficulty in the production of ultra-fine grinding machine, and gives the solution, mainly according to the instructions to carry out appropriate operation and ensure that the feeding meets the requirements and the discharge pipe is smooth, which can solve the problem of difficult feeding, and then solve the problem of the impact on the equipment output.

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