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The Vibrating Screen Starts to Adopt New Technology

The vibrating screen runs based on the back and forth vibrating Mobile Fluorite Grinding Machine force produced by the exciting vibrator. The upper rotary hammer of the vibrator makes the plane screen surface vibrate in circles while the bottom rotary hammer forces the surface to vibrate in conical shape. The two kinds of vibration effects form the back and forth rotary vibration with the vibrating track of a complex space curve.
The space curve mentioned above is like a circle in the horizontal plane and is like an oval in the vertical level. We can adjust the exciting force of the upper and bottom rotary hammers to change the amplitude. Also, we can adjust the space phase angle of the tow hammers to change the curve shape of the surface motion trail and change the materialsí moving trail.
When the vibrating screen works, it keeps the largest aperture ratio, which realizes the high screening efficiency, high capacity, simple changing of the screen plate and low production coat. The large area of the vibrating screen plate and the high capacity can meet the on-the-spot production requirement. The sifter of the vibrating screen adopts the multiple stage screen surface structure and the screen box and the main frame donít take part in the vibration motion.
The motion trail of the vibrating screen is a circle which is specially designed for the screening process of the quarry plant. It is usually used to realize the product grading and material separating processes in the industries of coal dressing, ore beneficiation, construction material, electricity power and chemical engineering etc. The vibrating screen has many advantages of advanced structure, strong exciting force, little noise, simple maintenance and long service life.

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