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Ultrafine mill gypsum powder production line investment guidance

The ultrafine mill gypsum powder production line designed by Shanghai Shibang is developed by Shibang experts based on the experience of ultrafine powder technology research and development for nearly 30 years, combined with the various characteristics of gypsum powder. The production line is equipped with Shibang's advanced grinding equipment, including HJ high-efficiency jaw crusher, SCM ultrafine mill, as well as supporting equipment hoist, storage bin, vibrating feeder, conveyor, pulse The dust collector and so on, the whole production line has reasonable design and excellent performance, and the advantages in grinding efficiency and gypsum powder quality are very obvious.
The specific process of the ultrafine mill gypsum powder production line can be subdivided into five major systems: crushing system, storage conveying system, grinding system, calcining system and electronic control system. The key system that relates to production efficiency and finished product quality is the grinding system. Then, the detailed process of gypsum ultrafine powder production is as follows: HJ jaw crusher breaks large-sized gypsum ore into small pieces of less than 30mm, and then transports it to the SCM ultrafine powder mill by the conveying system. After grinding, the pulverized particles enter the classifier, and the gypsum ultrafine powder that has reached the required fineness of the product is separated and sent to a boiling furnace for calcination, and the unqualified material is returned to the mill for grinding again until it is qualified. The qualified gypsum powder after calcination is sent to the clinker storage or directly to the product workshop for use.
After the ultrafine powder of the ultrafine mill production line, the product fineness can reach between 325 mesh and 2500 mesh, and the whiteness is good, no impurities, and the application prospect is very broad. Before the ultrafine mill gypsum powder production line, gypsum was only used to prepare chalk, putty, tofu and so on. Now, under the technology of Shibang ultrafine mill gypsum powder production line, it can be used in many fields such as building materials, construction, power plants, papermaking, medicine, etc., and the application value is greatly increased.

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