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road, which became

In this vast world, there are many unknown riddles waiting for us to reveal, and there are so many things that make us unpredictable. In the morning, a ray of sunshine came in and gave us a warm feeling. The bird screams at the branch. It tells me about the beauty of nature, or the song of nature. I don't know. Walking to the street, the leaves of the trees on both sides are slowly withering and dying, and a sense of bleakness seems to surround them. But I thought again, these leaves are falling in the mud to provide nutrients for the growth of trees. What do you have to say when you have done something meaningful for others in the years when you are exhausted? When I raised my foot and just about to leave, I found that there is a philosophy of life in nature. Has anyone taught it? This is an unknown mystery. Passing through an alley, the ground is covered with dust, and the spider weaves the net in several corners. Hey, have anyone taught them to weave the net? Why are they born with such skills? All of this is a masterpiece of nature Online Cigarettes. Maybe I can ask him how he passed by a hill. There are many grasses on the mountain, and it is full of vitality. Its surface is rough and grotesque. It has a flower-like stone at the top, naturally embedded in the cracks of the mountain. What a magical piece of this work. The exquisite craftsmanship of nature, the sculptor, creates works that make the world marvel. Defu Luhua wrote in "Nature and Life": "The peaks in the vicinity, the skin is purple-brown. Among them, the black hat is standing next to the big gully, the hills are composed of steep rocks, and the mountain muscles have experienced weather, rain and snow. Forming a strip of trenches Marlboro Red." This is another masterpiece of nature, no one can surpass. At this time, I came to the harbor near my home and waved to the coast. The sun shines on the sea, and the fiery sun in the distance gives me hope and hope. The sea is so blue and so deep that it is impossible to see what is lurking under the sea Cheap Cigarettes. The sea is boundless, let me feel its broad mind. Nature has what magic power, so that we can see such a beautiful scenery. The dark clouds came without warning, and the sky began to sink slowly, as if it was pressed by something. The dark clouds are getting lower and lower, and the scary silence envelopes the entire coast. There was a bit of silence, and the thunder was overwhelming, and the heavy rain followed, like a splash of ink. I ran to the warehouse to hide from the rain, and the rain was as big as a soybean. I reached out and the rain hit my hand and there was some pain. The dark clouds dispersed a little, and the rain began to slowly decrease. The rain stopped and the sky was clear. The air after the rain is fresh, I smell the fresh sea breeze, and I feel very refreshed. Nature has created a landscape for us again - the rain went home and saw a piece of land along the road, which became extraordinarily moist after the rain. There are full drops of water on the cabbage leaves in the ground, and the cockroaches are also drilled out to breathe the fresh air. This beautiful thing is just like the writing of Defu Luhua: the early autumn season when the green mushroom grows, the arborescens and the dog's tail grass around the forest begin to head, the girl flowers and the sedges are all over the forest, and nature builds a herb garden here. Shakespeare said: "Our life can be far away from the dust. There are trees in the forest whispering, the stream of streams is like a thousand books." Nature, you give us beautiful scenery and life enlightenment. Your magic, let me be fascinated by you.
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