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The white chalk soul, floating from the teacher's hand, fell on the silver hair, blended with the root hair, and fell on the neat clothes, embellished with pear-like poetry can not help but think of it Teacher in elementary school, a good teacher that makes me unforgettable. Once, the teacher turned over the blackboard and turned around. We all laughed and wiped some chalk on her nose. Seeing us laughing, she snorted and whispered, "Please be quiet." Then she began her course. After class, she walked with a white chalk, and then several naughty ghosts began to laugh again. At this point, I didn't smile, and quietly looked at her back with chalky debris, as if I saw the holy chalk on her nose. Oh, it��s an exquisite medal. I don��t know how many times. The teacher locked his toddler��s child in the house and cried. After class, she hurriedly opened the door, shouted the child's name with the hoarse voice, put down the textbook in her hand, picked up the wronged child, and reached for the tears on his face. Suddenly, her child smiled. He used his little finger on his mother's face: "Mom is really dirty!" The teacher took the mirror, "hahaha", both the mother and the child laughed, and the teacher smiled very sweetly. At this time, the bells of the class rang again in winter, and it was cold. The outdoor snow flutters, and the "snow" on the indoor podium is also falling. The teacher who can write a good word on weekdays, but at the moment, wiped the failure again and again, chalk dust poured into her cuffs, whitening her cold and swollen hands. I found her fingers seem stiff. When she was holding the chalk in a difficult class, she called me to the office and pointed to the handwriting on the homework. "Where is this sloppy word, for whom?" I redo it. After I finished it reluctantly, she said to me with great enthusiasm: "If you have a word, you must first write the word well..." She also told me to use pollen like a bee to make sweet honey. I hope I will ask more questions in the future Wholesale Cigarettes, and when will I come. Once, I saw the "two of them" and remembered "the two of them" and went to the teacher. The teacher was having lunch, met me, and quickly put down the chopsticks and said with great enthusiasm: "The two words are two Carton Of Cigarettes, no 'word' or other words. So "the two of them" are right, " "They are both wrong. There is also the word "��", the same is true." The teacher knew that I read the book very carefully Newport 100S, and encouraged me to say: "Interest is the best teacher, to accumulate this knowledge little by little. After listening to it, my heart was so beautiful, and I have a strong interest in the language since then. My language is getting better and better. In order to reward me, the teacher gave me a book. The title page says: Fly, bee, pick more pollen, and make sweeter honey. On the paper of that page, I could see some chalk shavings, the fluttering chalk. Oh, my unforgettable teacher, you made me understand a lot
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