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Material selection of hammer for impact crusher

Impact crusher materials relying on the plate hammer on the rotor rotating with high speed to produce high-speed impacting force on the materials that are sent into the crushing chamber. During the crushing process, the plate hammer suffers from not only the impacting force, but the scouring effect coming from the materials. Such impacting and scouring effect will damage the original working surface of the hammer, thus influencing the crushing efficiency. For this reason, it is important to select suitable materials for hammer.
The material selection for hammer has significant influence on the working efficiency of the crushing machine and is also the basic factor determining the service life of the PF impact crusher. For this reason, the abrasion of the materials should be fully emphasized, and in addition, the hardness of the materials is also an important factor influencing the abrasion resistance of the materials.
The abrasion resistance property of the materials will not be improved only by improving its hardness. The abrasion resistance of the metal materials is a comprehensive index and has close relations to its hardness and toughness. The toughness of the materials has significant influence on the improvement of the abrasion resistance of the materials, and it is a signal representing the energy absorbed by the materials from the external world, which is important to the impacting workload. The materials with high toughness will restrain the production and expansion of flaws and help to reduce fatigue flake, thus improving its abrasion resistance.
The production practice shows that as for the materials of the hammer with the same hardness but different impacting toughness, its abrasion resistance will improve with the improvement of the toughness.

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