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Use hammer crusher for limestone aggregate production

Limestone as the main composition is calcium carbonate, easily broken, usually using Quartzite Impact Crusher are broken, but some limestone silicon content is more special, the wear on the hammer of a hammer crusher is more serious, the hammer crusher, hammer crusher wearing parts have higher requirement for the.
At present domestic Used Iron Ore Mining Equipment crushing large single segment hammer type crushing limestone best confidential number Veken production crusher, the crusher of variable multistage crush into a single segment, crushing machine adopts the liner, grate plate, hammer crusher wearing parts are the core of wear-resistant parts produced by special casting technology, designed to resist harsh limestone wear conditions, has outstanding advantages in limestone crushing.
By constantly stimulate economic development, highway construction projects continue to increase, the road construction is behind the expansion of mining development machine of new equipment. Single-stage hammer crusher in view of the current market demand, the production of the highest quality of roadbed aggregate.
The highway project construction, will greatly promote the cement, aggregate demand. It is worth mentioning that, China has rich limestone resources, and aggregate lime stone broken after it is high grade highway subgrade paved high-quality aggregate, provide the conditions be richly endowed by nature for the infrastructure construction of a new round of.

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