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Impact crusher history and suitable materials

Construction Waste Crusher history can be traced back to nineteenth Century 50 years, from the birth of the first jaw crusher of the world has long past. With the development of productive forces, the jaw crusher can not fully satisfy the need, crushing technology then, broken jaw crusher foundation, it designs the impact crusher.
From the coarse crushing impact crusher to sand making impact crusher, a total of eight series, nearly a hundred kinds of specifications. The structure of one's own knack in. Impact crusher is a upgrading of crusher, there are more than 210 machines that has been applied in more than 600 countries around the world since the first advent of crusher up to now. Since 1991, there are more than 50 crushers respectively applied in Ann's fort coal mine, datong coal mine in China since 1991, and get the user high praise.
Application situation of the impact crusher: (1) metal mine: impact crusher machine has a large amount of application in uranium, gold and gold bauxite ore, nickel ore, copper lead and zinc and other metal mines; (2) coal mine: coal mine is one of the biggest users, which accounts for about 50% of the total market. In China, impact crusher machine has wide application in the new construction coal mine; (3) stone: impact crusher machine is more suitable for stone industry, especially the mobile impact crusher is more suitable for stone mining; (4) cement industry: it is very common phenomenon that cement plant uses impact crusher machine; (5)non-metallic mine: impact crusher machine is more suitable for crushing heavy calcium carbonate, clay, gypsum mine and other materials, it doesn't exist jam problem in the feeding port and discharging port; (6)municipal engineering: impact crusher machine can also be used to deal with urban waste and garbage as well as a variety of difficult pieces of material, such as glass, old tires, etc.

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