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Cobble stone crusher used in railway construction

Cobble stone are widely used in Stone Crusher Deploy Manufacturer public buildings, villas, garden buildings, paved roads (paved cobblestone park inside the long road to go with longevity of effect), the park rockery, bonsai filling materials, garden art and other senior superstructure. It carry forward the ancient oriental culture, but also reflects the Western classical, elegant, return to basics style.Cobble stone is also the best stone in railway construction.
Cobble Stone Crushing Equipment Sale also is the best material for the making of artificial sand. For the cobble stone aggregate is cheap and with high quality. It is an ideal substitute for crushed stone aggregate. The cobble gravel stone production line mainly use sand making machine to produce artificial sand. Cobblestone crusher is widely used in the world today, to roll crusher with high compression ratio, even granularity , simple structure, easy to maintain. Cobblestone crusher features are of two types : primary jaw crusher and jaw crusher assistance. Compressive strength of the final product is 320MPa. Cobblestone crusher is a large and medium-sized companies main products.

Cobblestone crusher works process

Cobblestone crusher is driven by a motor through a belt and pulley , so that the movable jaw plate and moving jaw by the eccentric shaft . Angles fixed jaw and a movable jaw plate becomes small , then the material can be crushed. When the movable jaw plate rises, the angle becomes large and movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate and rod function , the final product is crushed pebbles discharged from the lower outlet , used in various industries.

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