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What are the benefits of jaw crusher for construction waste crushing?

After the demolition of old buildings, bridges, highways and other technical facilities, a large number of stones and bricks will be produced, which will not only occupy a large amount of land, but will even pose a threat to the living environment of the residents. The jaw crusher, based on its own ability to apply various types of materials, began the project of crushing and recycling construction waste. After the construction waste is crushed, we can get a lot of construction materials, or use it for the foundation filling of the project, or use it to make bricks and tiles, and the characteristics of turning waste into treasure are once again reflected here.
Is the Jaw Crusher the most suitable equipment for construction waste crusher? why?
Everyone knows for sure that the construction waste is complex in shape, different in size and hardness. If other types of crushers are used, it is impossible to achieve better results. The jaw crusher has a wide feed port and is smashed by two pieces of slabs to pulverize the material. It is suitable for construction waste crushing both in construction and in process. It is specially created for the crushing of construction waste.

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