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Time flies so fast,

Time flies so fast, 14 days have passed without knowing it. I still remember the scene that the dormitory papers collectively complained because of the unbearable training in the first few days. However, in a blink of an eye, I went to the time when I was away, my ten. Helian is our company commander, seventeen company commander, surnamed Li, and occasionally heard the battalion commander called him super brother, in fact, he is called Li **. Suddenly I feel that the relationship between the soldiers is so iron. The company commander is very good to us. When I first saw him, I felt that this person should be strict with us, but the fact is that we even put the earliest one on the day, and suddenly, I feel like a company. Because it rained a few days before the military training, there were two days of military training as a theoretical lesson in the room. It is still clear that the company commander told us what the border defense environment is (although I don��t understand what it is now). I especially remember that he told us about his experience on the China-Burma border and what he was doing as a border soldier at the beginning of the New Year. I also remembered that when we sang a song after the entertainment, the company��s "this voice" "You can be awkward" and clearly feel the kind of stamina and responsibility that he reveals as a soldier. Our company commander, super brother, when you leave, will you also be reluctant to have children who have been with you for 14 days, after one year or after years, will you remember that there were seventeen children in Yanda and You spent 14 days and nights together. I said that time can change everything, but after the year, I remembered these 14 days, I will smile, it re-created my long-lost courage []Buy Newport Online[/url], it is the most beautiful time of my life, company commander, seventeen company I will always remember your male god. My four battalions actually have few opportunities to contact the battalion commander, but he is the most handsome one among so many instructors. Many people call him male god, SO I noticed him. Now, our male god, the pride of the four camps. In memory, the first time I heard the voice of the four battalion commander was that he said that the slogan of our four battalions was "Yanda Jiaozi, the king's four battalions". I thought that the four battalions were very low, but I saw him that day. When I was shocked, I was the one, the boy, the figure, it was a male god. Our battalion commander exists in the four battalions like a god. It turns around all day. The most impressive thing is that his head is low. At first glance, he begins to shout: four battalions, all parties, starting, training. Knowing that he sang a "Decade" at the Literary Evening, I was shocked that the four battalion commanders would also sing. The image was soaring~~The four battalions, the male god, always remember you; remember to cooperate with you when you take pictures []Buy Cigarettes Marlboro[/url]. My feeling, remember the feeling of embracing you on the last night before leaving (cool burst). My four battalions, my four battalion commanders, male gods, forever, remembering the training of life, when the three battalions and the thirteenth company were training at the time, I thought it was a company training for a company, but in the end it was a square matrix training. So I left my dear seventeen company and went to the second battalion of the three camp women. Here, I met the busiest but most charming and most cute and will sell the three battalion commanders. I met the thirteen company commander who has the greatest potential of the male god. (When a brother took off his glasses, he was handsome and handsome), I still remember The intoxicating voice of the three battalion commanders []Newport 100S Carton Cheap[/url], remembering the time when the three battalion singers with a brother, missed the days when we sang together []Free Newport Carton[/url], missed the days of our camp battalion, and even missed the battalion commander, "You all have long snacks, Don't make a bubble~~ One brother (13th company commander) has a very good relationship with the three battalions. They sing today, I want to marry you so deeply, so that the students shouted to let them "together together~~~ ~ ", I spent the most time in the three camps. Here I learned to fight and fall down and learn a few tricks for women (although not standard at all). Here I found that today's soldiers are also versatile (three battalions) A song "May a person's heart" I don't know how many people are lost, how many sisters are crazy.) Also here, say goodbye to the three battalions and my dear brother who trained me. Now, look at the days of training in the three camps. It��s such a precious thing, but after a long time, I still have to leave, goodbye. Goodbye, three battalions, goodbye, thirteen company commander goodbye, my military training, my four battalions, my seventeen at noon on September 29, 2014, after the separation is still staged, watching the instructors neatly leave The pace, the heart can not help but sour, reluctant, can not bear the feeling of training together, can not forget the situation when the company commanded us to pull the song, can not forget the four battalion commander "10 years", can not forget the three battalion commander With the thirteenth company commander, I��m so excited to sell my cute expression, I can��t forget too much~~~~~ When the instructors walked, many people chased them out. I went to send us the company commander (all of them went to me alone). I still remember that when I called him the company commander, he turned his face and looked surprised. I still can��t forget that when they really went far, I called Li Lianchang, goodbye, and saw him turn around in the queue and wave at me. The situation ~~~~ In this way, the university military training, away from me to see friends dynamic: Some people say that every time parting []Newport Coupons For Cartons[/url], there will be a star in the sky to extinguish. Parents, relatives, friends, lovers will eventually come in a variety of different ways Go away from you, so no one can accompany you to the end, away Other cruelty, the cruelty of reality will wipe out our innocence, dreams, and learn to smile, laugh and face them anyway, even if tomorrow is the end of the world. University military training is over, college life is really coming. I don��t know what will happen in the future, but I firmly believe that since I have chosen this road, I��m going to finish it, come on~

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