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Is the roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill related to fineness?

Raymond mill is a suspension roller crushing material. Many users will think that the grinding roller and the grinding ring determine the fineness, so they will choose the good grinding roller and grinding ring. This is not the case. The working principle of Raymond Mill is the crushing and crushing of the suspension roller. It is determined that the fineness of the Raymond mill is not the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The fine adjustment of the Raymond mill is controlled by the air volume of the analyzer and the fan. The grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill are pulverized materials, and it is irrelevant whether the quality of the wearing parts can only determine the service life and the fineness and fineness cannot be controlled. The grinding ring and grinding roller of Raymond mill can choose three kinds of materials: high-alloy alloy, 65-manganese and manganese 13 depending on the processing materials. The processed materials have different time of use. The actual use of the grinding roller of manganese 13 material And the grinding ring is more durable and the price is more expensive. Raymond mill also has a more wearable accessory that is a blade. Many manufacturers use ordinary steel plates, so the wear will be very fast. The most professional Raymond mill manufacturer works on the blade. The affordable use of alloy steel is several times more durable than ordinary steel。

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