Character Art Exchange

Updates, incl. changed upload sizes

Finally, finally I've got somewhere with re-coding. A lot of the changes are just in the code behind the scenes, but as to the visible ones:

The navigation hopefully is a bit less cluttered now, with the "related profiles" on image and gallery pages in the right sidebar. I've also tried to supply additional links where it makes sense, e.g. one to upload a new reference image when you're looking at a character profile you own.

Galleries with more than 20 images are now paginated. (There are no next/previous links on the images themselves, but that's up as one of the next points)

I added a simple "prove that you're human" question to the registry form; we'll see if it works or if the quesiton is so simple that even spambots can answer it.

The biggest change is probably the image sizes. The images displayed in the gallery will be 600x600 pixels big or less. If you upload a bigger image, it will be resized, and the 600x600 image will link to the full view.
In turn the file size limit for uploads/full views is now 1 MB rather than 256 KB.

In addition I've divided the list of characters/references of a given member from the member profile to the separate page only.

If you notice any problems, or find something confusing, or have suggestions what to improve or add, please tell me.
Digging the visual design. Nice work :)
Thank you! It's still pretty plain, but a bit neater than previously. :)
Escaping of special characters seems to still be buggy. ;-)

Overall, I think you've done an impressive amount of work on the site, and these are all good, sensible changes IMO!
I noticed it in the email and it should be fixed now. Anywhere else?

Thank you! :)

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