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Growing Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App

Enterprise Mobile app is a formulation that has added dimension starting from compliance to security. Today we are in the galvanizing age of enterprise mobility where companies can basically substantiate its importance. It is evident from the fact that approximately 75% of the high-profile companies in India have deployed HTML 5 mobile apps. A considerable proportion of IT professionals have given the mobile application the same perspective, as they did for the internet in 1990s.

But the way it has created a broader qualitative change in software development, enterprise mobile apps sprung-up with various challenges. The primary reason being, its inability to absorb rapid mobile application development. It leads to the outgrowth of the issue of choosing between Native and HTML 5.

Picking out Between Native And HTML
HTML platform

It depicts the challenge of choosing between native and HTML 5. Opting out between Native and HTML leads to come forth of another issue. Both the approaches are gaining momentum depending on the time, budget and skills. There are two main approaches and both having pros and cons.

HTML is gaining impulse and increasing popularity day by day. Since this is an on-budget approach, and already added with many characteristics and wide functionality, so it has propagated world-wide.

If the app is iOS targeted, it means the approach is based on objective C to gain access to native approach. Because it ensures high-tech technology the budget is slightly higher than any of those approaches.

According to a leading Information Technology research and advisory firm, approximately 85% of enterprises apps are based upon android rather than Ios, since ios demands time, skills and budget as well.

But functional compatibility of the app is not sufficient; the enterprise has to keep in mind with the client’s. The ultimate motive is to turn the enterprise into a profitable organisation and reaching out the customers in national and international market as well. So the preference of targeted client is essential.

So the developers need to optimize the testing efforts along with the development to create vigorous enterprise mobile app that can sustain and easily upgraded from time-to-time.

Fickle Behavior Of User
The major component and concern for mobile app developers is UI/UE. Standby with the client expectation is one of the prominent concerns of mobile app developers. This issue is further intensified with the volatility of user preference. Users try to maximize its benefit from whatsoever apps it find. Another challenge sprung-up is the variability of the different platform depending upon the screen sizes, resolution and its inbuilt technology.

Failing to anticipate any of these issues can make the scenario further clumpy . To minimize these issue frequent bug-ups, more utilization of overriding hardware buttons to make it more spontaneous and ready budget is essentially required so that enterprise apps can be readily accepted by the client.

This has been an utmost challenge since it possesses indisputable importance. This issue is further branched into the issue of authentication and encryption of data.

It has occupied the most susceptible place in the app because users are need to provide their credentials, for instance user id and password. In this accelerated word, an enterprise needs to take care of many other things. Securing the authentication of data is really a trouble-some since it has to implement authentication security from the scratch. The issue can be minimized by keeping all the credentials in the form of sensitive data encrypted from time to time. It offers like a secure container that protects the sensitive data from being lost or compromised.

Transformation of desktop to mobile app development has catered not only the clients or consumers but also business as well. But it delves with various challenges for instance ,issues related to platform fragmentation, security and fickle behavior of users. But each challenge has reckoned its solution. So these solutions are being absorbed which establish the fact that benefits have dominated its challenges.

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