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Following what might have been one of the best Championship Weekends in NFL history Authentic Matt Wile Jersey , the stage is set for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta two weeks from today.The NFC Championship Game saw the Los Angeles Rams head into the Superdome and avenge their regular season loss to the New Orleans Saints. Greg Zuerlein crushed a 57-yard field goal (that would have gone through from 70) after the Rams intercepted Drew Brees in overtime to deliver a 26-23 victory for the Rams.That was followed up by an AFC Championship Game that also went to overtime, marking the first time both Conference Championship Games needed extra time to come to a conclusion. The Chiefs tied things with a Harrison Butker field goal to tie the game at 31-31, but the Chiefs never saw the ball in overtime as Tom Brady marched his team down the field. The drive was capped by a 2-yard touchdown run by Rex Burkhead to put the Patriots in the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year with a 37-31 win.Both of these teams are familiar to Minnesota Vikings fans, as the purple lost to both of these teams on the road during the regular season. The Vikings lost to the Rams in a 38-31 shootout on a Thursday night back in Week 4, while they fell to the Patriots in Foxborough in Week 13 by a final score of 24-10.The last time that the Rams and Patriots met in the regular season came back in 2016, when the pre-Sean McVay Rams went out to New England and lost to the Patriots by a final score of 26-10.There are only four meaningful quarters of football left in the 2018-19 NFL season Authentic Mike Remmers Jersey , and we wonít get to see them for two weeks, but the stage is set for what could be a pretty entertaining Super Bowl. Weíll be talking plenty about it between now and then, thatís for sure.Attending Vikings games: What to do if you donít have a smartphone? For the 2018 season, in an attempt to cut down on lines and fake tickets as well as improve communication with ticket holders on game day, the Minnesota Vikings decided to become one of six teams who have moved to entirely digital tickets.In fact, Chris Gates wrote a short article previously about this change and the nostalgia factor that would be lost with the demise of the ticket stub.But what about the Vikings fans who , for one reason or another, do not yet have the technology to be able to pull up online tickets? How would they be able to get into the games?As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed last night, a story from Heather Brown over at CBS Minnesota caught my eye that answered that exact question.Suppose that makes a certain amount of sense, itís more likely that fans of the Vikings were more aware of the new policy. But as for the new way to get in, Brown had more:Iím sure this wonít affect a huge number of fans as seasons pass by and thereís additional time to get used to the changes, especially as smartphones become more and more prevalent in todayís society. But for this season , it seems plenty important to let people know how to maneuver around any lack of technology.Enjoy the games, everyone!

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