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Speaking of children, probably every parent has a lot to talk about. The child's growth has poured too much effort and love into us. Of course, the children have also brought us countless joys. The children are growing up day by day, from babbles to toddlers to today's little children, their changes bring us a surprise. In fact Buy Cheapest Cigarettes Free Shipping, the growth process of our children is also the growth process of our parents. We are constantly learning and progressing in our parents' school. I really don't know if we taught children or children to teach us?alk about educating children, I don't think there is any success. However, the child has grown from a baby who is eager to feed to a teenager who knows a little about human affairs. This process is indeed a combination of our parents' efforts. There are also many confusions in this. Let me talk about some of the educational concepts and experiences of our family.mily's purpose of educating children is to ask the children to know the truth, to be a good person and to be a sincere and sincere person. Whenever possible, everything is guided correctly, and the habit of making a child's righteousness and morality is cultivated Newport Tobacco Wholesale. It is necessary to train the child to think more about the public and try to get rid of the idea of ??selfishness. Require children to have love, to love the country, to love their parents, to love the society Marlboro Cigarette Diameter, to honor their parents and respect the teachers. Study hard and don't slack off. Strive to become a student with excellent morality and intelligence.ildren grow up day by day, but no matter how long they are always children in the eyes of their parents. We always feel that they will not do this either, and we need our help everywhere. In fact, the ability of children is often beyond our imagination. The key is whether we will let them go. Probably we all have this experience, it seems that the child will do something that we never specifically called him overnight, we will be surprised: how did he learn? This is the child, as long as we are willing to let him take the first step, they will give us a big surprise! Sometimes we may feel that it is better to let them do it, but the child will do it twice or three times, and one day will do it! If you don't let him do it, I am afraid I will never do it well. At home, we try our best to let the children do what they can, such as giving meals to adults, pouring tea, sweeping the floor, etc. Modern social communication skills are also important Cheap Cigarrete Wholesale, and we must pay attention to training. We first encourage children toucate your children to be ambitious. People can't be big without their ambitions Discount On Cartons Of Newport 100'S. Aspirations are the goal of one's struggle. Therefore, our family often urges children to be clear about their goals. Ask the child to be ambitious. Clear direction and study hard. Intensive and retreat, at home, ask the children to make "parents call, should be sentenced; parents, do not be lazy." At the school, ask the children to "respect the teacher, obey the teacher's teachings." It is necessary to complete all the homework assigned by the teacher on time, unite the classmates, and learn to learn from each other; in the school, we must strive to do more things that are beneficial to the public. Strictly abide by the school rules and educate the children to strive to become an outstanding student of all-round development of "de-smart and morality". In the future, they will be able to serve the motherland, serve the people, and be a person with wisdom, virtue, and consciousness. This is our family. A program of expectations and education for children.

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