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How to solve the crusher crown easy to break

The Quarry crusher is suitable for crushing operations of medium hardness materials such as coking coal, sinter, limestone, metal and non-metallic ore. Most suitable for small and medium-sized non-metallic ores. It is most suitable for medium and small crushing operations in small and medium-sized non-metallic mines and chemical industries. The minimum particle size can reach below 100 mesh. The crusher has a simple structure and convenient operation, and can achieve an ideal crushing granularity by adjusting the gap of the crushing roller, and the performance is stable. The crown of the Crusher For Minings is prone to breakage, the reasons are as follows:
1. The tooth crown is affected by the impact force when the large ore is blanked, and the back of the crown is fatigued and broken.
2. Due to the high rate of large ore source, the crown is also vulnerable or broken.
3. The extension and extension of the crown bolt will cause the crown to break.
Solution: Add two steel plates on both sides of the bow crown of the crusher to make it a box crown, which can make the life of the crown more than 2 years.

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