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How to make the sander have a longer service life?

The VSI sand making machine produced by Shanghai ZENITH Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly used for crushing and shaping various materials to achieve the desired effect of customers. The sand making machine is widely used in various ores such as highways, high-speed railways and high-rise buildings.
The sand making machine will have such kind of wear during the working operation, and its wear degree is relatively large compared with other equipments. Therefore, there are often cases where the sand making machine and the parts are deformed during the operation and storage process, and the metal is rusted. It also includes deformation and changes in shape, damage to parts, and other factors that are caused by aging. After a long time, it will slowly lose the ability to accurately drink. Solving the aging problem of equipment is a huge challenge for enterprise development.
Over the years, with the development of science and technology, the replacement of sand making machine has been quietly carried out. In order to make the application of sand making machines more extensive, the factory should make more efforts.

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