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Why does the jaw crusher gear have vibration problems?

The jaw crusher is a common mechanical equipment for the Stone Crusher. The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and can be used for the crushing of many different ores. The jaw crusher is used for the crushing and processing equipment of ore, so it is used. There may be some problems in the process, and the user is reminded to pay attention to the abnormal vibration of the tooth plate which occurs during the use of the jaw crusher.
The tooth plate structure of the jaw crusher is located at the edge of the movable jaw of the jaw crusher. After a series of debugging, we found that the jaw of the crusher is moving back and forth in the movement of the movable jaw. Operation, abnormal vibration of the tooth plate, SBM here and everyone talk about how to solve the vibration problem of the jaw crusher tooth plate.
In the process of crushing ore, the Crusher Machine of the jaw crusher is loose or completely detached, and the lining plate hits the tooth plate, causing the tooth plate to lose balance and abnormal vibration; the fixing bolt of the tooth plate connecting the movable jaw Looseness of the tooth plate caused by looseness or bolt breakage during operation, and the loose tooth plate and other components in the crushing cavity collide with each other to increase the jitter frequency.
In order to prevent the jaw crusher from being crushed in the jaw crusher production, it must be fully lubricated; when the jaw crusher is used for crushing ore processing, it is necessary to regularly check whether the jaw plate is worn or not. It is necessary to replace the e-board in time.

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