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Night, coming, is

Night, coming, is a night with rain, it seems that because of the rain, the night has become longer ain, almost with the night, it slammed down, giving the night a mysterious veil. I closed my eyes and listened to the rain quietly. It was wonderful. It sometimes eats mulberry leaves like silkworms; sometimes it is like a group of birds singing songs; sometimes it sounds like a drum []Buy Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online[/url]. A slamming thunder rushed through this natural symphony, with a deep and powerful voice passed very far, far away... After the thunder, then continue this symphony []Buy Newport 100S Online[/url], it seems to have changed another mood. I seem to see the rain dripping down the leaves, seemingly smelling ��, the sound of rain hitting window glass, concrete pavement and other objects formed an unknown march []Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online[/url]. After a while, the rain ticks, there is no rhythm, no rules. On the window sill, I felt the cold and delicate raindrops falling on the eye, and the world seemed to be much gentler because of the rain. Facing the wind, accepting the baptism of the rain, there is an unspeakable silence in my heart. The quiet rainy night brings me a long-term peace, and the rain also wets the memory. In the middle, I faintly see the former one in the rain. The little girl who is on the way,. time I feel the smell of rain, my thoughts will be pulled to the past. Every time the taste of this taste is unique, the sadness in my heart will be washed away. I don't know when I became so sentimental, but I was immersed in this rainy world []Buy Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. I forgot my time and forgot myself. The messy thoughts were washed away by the rain.his moment, I am intoxicated in the rain, and I am also immersed in my own delusions. I wonder if I should stop or move forward in the next second. I wonder if I am holding on to hope or letting go of the opportunity, thinking about my future and the future. Add a colorful color...ound of the rain slammed down again. It pulled me out of my imagination, and in the face of this rainy night []Cheap Newport Cigarettes Cartons Online[/url], I fell into meditation. sound of the rain is still ringing, like my real heartbeat

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