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Winter hammer crusher should use low oil lubricant

For users who purchase crushers, it is necessary to understand the construction and maintenance knowledge of the rock crushing plant. The equipment that the customer wants to purchase can be used for a longer period of time, and the higher the productivity, the better. Some installation technical knowledge, manual and online information of hammer crusher equipment can be used for your reference. Whether it is the replacement of accessories or the problems encountered in normal production, generally give some solutions, today the crusher manufacturers come Let's talk about the requirements of the hammer crusher during the season change and the problems that need attention.
In the winter, low oil grade lubricants are used. The oil quality is relatively thin. Under low temperature conditions, the fluidity can be guaranteed. If high oil grade lubricants are used, the oil quality is thick and the fluidity is not good. If there is no heating and oil in the room. With the preheating device, the pump station will not work at all. In spring, because the temperature is still relatively cold, it is recommended to use a slippery lubricating oil. In the autumn, most of the summer heat is continued, and relatively thick lubricating oil is used.
In the summer, you need a lubricant with a higher oil number and a relatively thicker oil. Because the weather is hot, the indoor temperature is also high, so that the thicker oil becomes thinner, as long as the fluidity of the oil can be ensured. If the oil number is lower in summer, the lubrication effect may not be ideal, and there will be a phenomenon that the oil will flow away quickly without forming an oil film on the lubrication point. First, it is wasteful and easy to produce heating phenomenon in various lubrication parts. The other is that it does not meet the oil leakage phenomenon that is prone to oil production in civilized production.
Therefore, the oil number of the lubricating oil is different in different seasons. When selecting and using the cone crushers lubricating oil, the oil number should be determined according to the climatic conditions of the region and the actual production experience.

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