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Mobile crushing station realizes reuse of construction waste

Urban construction waste is not only the “big heart” of the city, but also the “mineral” of the city. How to turn construction waste into treasure is an urgent problem for urban development. With the development of mining machinery and equipment, the production of mobile crushing plant can achieve the construction waste, the construction of sand and gravel aggregates and other important industrial production materials, not only create economic value, but also achieve environmental benefits. . The combined benefits of treated construction waste:
1. Environmental Benefits of Construction Waste: Most of the traditional construction waste disposal methods use accumulation and landfill, which not only occupy the cultivated land around the city, but also pollute the air and groundwater resources, seriously affecting the city appearance of the city. The generation of mobile crushing stations turns construction waste into usable resources, improves the ecological environment, and provides more renewable resources for energy-saving and environment-friendly society.
2. Economic Benefits of Construction Waste: The mobile crushing station can form a complete construction waste treatment production line after reasonable allocation, which can realize the crushing, screening and transportation of construction waste. The processed aggregate can replace stone or sand. It can be used as an ingredient in concrete and cement industry, especially suitable for the production of new environmentally friendly bricks (such as standard bricks, hollow bricks, lawn turns, square bricks, two-hole blind bricks, etc.) with considerable economic benefits.
3. Social benefits of construction waste: With the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection gradually deepening the hearts of the people, the construction waste processed by the mobile crushing station can generate recycled aggregate, quarry equipment, and fillers, which can not only save raw materials in building materials, but also It can alleviate the shortage of raw materials such as river sand.
The mobile crushing station can be used not only to treat construction waste, but also widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical and other fields. Different crushing equipments are installed on separate movable chassis and assembled into mobile crushing stations for different purposes. Under any terrain conditions, the mobile crushing station can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the working site, which has the advantages of strong adaptability, strong production capacity, high production efficiency and uniform particle size of the finished product.

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