Character Art Exchange

The four seasons are beau

Ah, beautiful Zhuangshan! Although there is no imposing manner in Mount Tai, there is no steepness and steepness of Huashan, and there is no such thing as Guilin��s landscape. But Zhuangshan is so simple in our hometown, it is so simple, so lovely, the trees are lush, the stream is like a smelt... Please follow me in theI walked to the place of about three hundred meters Marlboro Menthol 100S, I came to the top famous temple. The temple was dressed in a red dress. Don't yell at him. There is a saying after the break: "The sparrow is small and complete." The incense continues. The water in Zhuangshan is really sweet. It seems that whoever energizes and puts down the sweet honey. And the sound of the water is crisp and sweet How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, as if a fairy is playing a serenade! I continued to climb up and saw a lot of stones. The stone in Zhuangshan is really amazing. The big one is like a house. The middle is like a screen Newport Cigarettes Website. The thin one is like an egg. I don��t know how many turns. I came to the top of the second floor. The surrounding trees are undulating, and the trees in Zhuangshan are really beautiful. They are lush and green, as if a green sea is undulating, and it has become a happy paradise for the birds! The sea in the distance, the houses in the vicinity, made me sigh again and again. I stood on the top of the mountain, br't know how long it took, and the sky gradually dimmed. I had to reluctantly wave to the favorite Zhuangshan, beautiful Zhuangshan, goodbye! ! ! How about Zhuangshanmei in our hometown? Fifteen years ago, it was still the ruin of the ancient temple of the millennium. Today, fifteen years later, it is already a Buddhist holy place in the worgshan Buddha stood on the human treasure site of Wuxi, this decade is destined to be extraordinary. The Buddha lorrived at Lingshan, it was at noon, and there were not many people. The family walked on the Bodhi Avenue. A long-lost silence and affection made people happy. There are some trees on both sides of the avenue Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Although it is not aenue, I saw a circular white marble pool in the center of the square in front Cheap Cigarettes. There are a few bronze dragons on theof Buddha" was played, and it seemed to imply that people would have something big to happen at the beginning. With the rhythm of music, the fountains suddenly fluctuate and fall. The lotus petals slowly open, and one looks up and the chest, and the golden fat figure of the fat body slowly appears in people's field of vision. The music also entered a climax, and the fountain became more and more high. The nine dragons in the mouth of the nine dragons spurted out nine curved water columns, like the nine silver dragons, and the heads of the princeter sprayed again in Kowloon. The mist covered the whole lotus and covered the statue of the Prince. Some drops o family came to the foot of the Big Buddha, suppressed the Buddha's foot, and went to the Vatican Palace to appreciate the golden glory of the main venue of the "World Buddhist Forum." I have been immersed in this fairyland of the world and have been reluctant to leave for a long time.

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