Character Art Exchange

I have a classmate who

The four seasons are beautiful, the four seasons are beautiful, the four seasons are full of dreams and fantasies, the beauty of the four seasons is colorful, and the four seasons have a mind that can't be guessed.r a few spring rains, the mountains are green, the water is green, and a small stream flowing down the mountain is becoming more and more beautiful. The warm current melted the ice on the rocks, and the first tiny crystal drops of water dripping were reported to people: Spring, it��s coming again! Spring is like a fairy in a fairy tale. Wherever he goes, everything is reviving, the trees are sprouting Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the flowers are smiling, and the earth is covered with a new green dress. Spring, quietly came... You see, the whispering purple yan flew back from the south, and the grass also looked out from the mother of the earth, and seemed to appreciate the magic of the spring girl. The flowers bloomed, and the fragrant scent attracted the butterflies that fluttered, so the silent forest became more and more lively.g drifted away with the falling flowers Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, and the green leaves draped in the warm air in the summer How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. In the summer, I don��t want the spring girl to be so quiet. She carries beautiful songs and brings alive to the earth Cheap Cigarettes. In the early summer season, wild flowers of various colors are open all over, red, green, purple, yellow, like brilliant spots embroidered on a large carpet; groups of bees are busy in the flowers, allowing to suck nectar, industrious flying Come fly. Even Yan also opened his golden voice and sang. autumn wind rustled, and the courtyard filled with golden butterflies and calm rivers. Under the autumn sun after the rain, this mist was covered. Autumn is the harvest season, and the peasant uncle has opened a happy smile. In the late autumn, in the late autumn, he mixed the golden and purple in the still remaining green, as if the sunlight had melted into the dots and landed in every corner of the world. On the hillside, the maple leaves are red, reflected in the creek, so that the water in the whole stream is dyed red. hurriedly took the autumn class, took his gift to nature, and put on a white coat. They have been swelled, and overnight, the earth has turned into a snowy piece. At night, the crystal clear snow shines outside Marlboro Gold. Is every snowflake a bright light? Although the outside wind was raging, but when I returned to the house, I felt year round, with a fantasy color, as long as we dare to discover, we can discover how beautiful the four seasons are!

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